Looking up at the night sky pt. 2

It’s incredibly quiet apart from the occasional owl or sheep calling out. It’s very calming to be outside at this time of night.

In 20 days I’ll make one of the scariest and biggest journies I’ve faced in my life so far.

I never thought I’d be doing this but here I am, faced with the reality that I’m going to be far away from everyone I know here.

It’s almost freeing in a sense that I am doing this, but at the same time, I feel something I’ve not felt in a long time.

I’m not sure I believe we are here for a reason, only to live our lives as we see fit. I’m young and have a whole life ahead of me, so I am making the best of it.

Cause I’m afraid of being nothing

So take this life and make it something

Marmozets – Hit The Wave


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